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28 JAN

Tell-Tale Signs That Are Costing You Money

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What SIGNS are you seeing in your cold storage facility?

Frost on the face or edges of your door
Condensation (water or ice) on the floor
Buildup on freezer walls or ceiling
The need for heat lamps
Rising costs due to energy loss
Accidents because of slow moving doors
Lost productivity waiting for door repairs

Maintaining a consistent temperature while striving for effective, safe operations, and cost control are challenges many face. Those in the cold storage business are no different. Keeping the product cold or frozen as well as the storage space dry are primary objectives. When air transfers between the ambient to the cooler/freezer temperatures, the humidity produced can cause ice and snow to build up in the cold storage area. Job #1 is to reduce heat transfer between the two environments. Convection (air movement) and conduction (heat transfer) are the two areas to focus on.

Dimension / Rite-Hite freezer doors offer the tight seal and reduced door cycle times that are needed to minimize air movement. Plus with the right amount of insulation, heat transfer is minimized eliminating the need for additional energy consuming products.

If you’re seeing the signs, it’s time to consider replacing your freezer door with a FasTrax FR or Barrier Glider door from Rite-Hite.Don’t have a cold storage application? Rite-Hite offers a full line of high speed doors, including doors for clean applications.


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