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08 AUG

Rite-Hite Doors NEW FasTrax Video

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Rite-Hite Doors is pleased to show you the NEW FasTrax Video.  This will replace the 7+ minute & 4+ minute video as the main product video.  You will be able to find this not only on YouTube, but also on our FasTrax product page:

You can also find this video in the NxtGen app.  As stated before, this will replace the two existing FasTrax videos as the main product video.  The 7+ minute FasTrax video will be removed effective immediately from the app and the 4+ minute video will be removed at the end of August.

Like most of our videos in the NxtGen app, you will be able to email this video (YouTube link) to your customers right from the NxtGen app.

Also, as a reminder…UPDATE YOUR iPAD!

*NEW* FasTrax Video

28 JAN

Tell-Tale Signs That Are Costing You Money

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What SIGNS are you seeing in your cold storage facility?

Frost on the face or edges of your door
Condensation (water or ice) on the floor
Buildup on freezer walls or ceiling
The need for heat lamps
Rising costs due to energy loss
Accidents because of slow moving doors
Lost productivity waiting for door repairs

Maintaining a consistent temperature while striving for effective, safe operations, and cost control are challenges many face. Those in the cold storage business are no different. Keeping the product cold or frozen as well as the storage space dry are primary objectives. When air transfers between the ambient to the cooler/freezer temperatures, the humidity produced can cause ice and snow to build up in the cold storage area. Job #1 is to reduce heat transfer between the two environments. Convection (air movement) and conduction (heat transfer) are the two areas to focus on.

Dimension / Rite-Hite freezer doors offer the tight seal and reduced door cycle times that are needed to minimize air movement. Plus with the right amount of insulation, heat transfer is minimized eliminating the need for additional energy consuming products.

If you’re seeing the signs, it’s time to consider replacing your freezer door with a FasTrax FR or Barrier Glider door from Rite-Hite.Don’t have a cold storage application? Rite-Hite offers a full line of high speed doors, including doors for clean applications.
Rite-Lite Flex Neck LED Loading Dock Light
11 OCT

New LED loading-dock lighting

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Rite-Hite & Dimension have introduced new LED dock-lighting technology that it said provides flexibility when lighting a trailer or container at the loading dock.

The new Flex Neck LED dock light incorporates flex neck technology for enhanced flexibility and adjustability.

“There has been very little innovation in LED dock lights since they were initially introduced a few years ago,” said Andy Olson, marketing manager for Rite-Hite. “We wanted to bring something new to the market that addresses the unique demands found at the loading dock.”

The Rite-Lite Flex Neck LED Dock Light features a multi-articulating arm made from molded nylon inks. The links offer multiple bend points for increased flexibility, Rite-Hite said, allowing bend points to be easily modified in the field to address unique needs, or obstructions that may be encountered at a dock opening. In addition, the links can be tightened, if necessary, to eliminate the sagging that often occurs with traditional metal snake arms.

There are four different settings with visual indicators to clearly identify the current level of lighting, allowing users to select the desired level of light output.

In addition, an optional, auto-dimming feature senses when a forklift or person exits a trailer and automatically dims the light to reduce glare.

Finally, the light incorporates a dimming feature that recognizes when the light has been on for more than 30 minutes, with no activity in the trailer, and automatically resets the light to its lowest setting. All of these features help to reduce power consumption, while offering more lighting options for loading dock operators.

The Rite-Lite Flex Neck LED Dock Light incorporates an aluminum-cast, impact-resistant head designed to take incidental impacts from forklifts and overhead doors.

The light uses CREE LEDs that consume just 18 watts of energy while outputting 925 lumens. The light is rated for 175,200 hours of service life.

“When it comes to flexibility, energy efficiency and lasting durability, the Rite-Lite/Dimension is the new standard in LED dock lights.”

Original Article:
by Fleet Owner

Rite Hite Product:

Aldi creates 160 jobs at Cork distribution centre
26 SEP

Aldi distribution centre loading bays

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Aldi Stores (Ireland) has today opened its new regional distribution centre in Mitchelstown, Co Cork, creating 160 new jobs.
Aldi is currently engaged in a three-year store expansion programme that will see 20 new stores open across the country resulting in 300 new jobs.

The new regional centre, measuring almost 60,000sq.m, is Aldi’s second major distribution hub in Ireland.
It has the capacity to service in excess of 100 Aldi stores and has over 70 loading bays by Dimension Ireland.

The new centre will service Aldi’s stores in Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford, Clare, Mayo, Galway, Kilkenny and Wexford.
The company said it expects that as its store expansion programme continues, employee numbers at the distribution centre will also continue to grow.

Source: RTE News Website
Full Article: Click Here

29 AUG

Gatekeeper Mezzanine Safety Gate Barrier Systems

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As companies look to maximize existing space within their facilities, many are installing mezzanines to create additional storage space or work areas.

While mezzanines provide an effective solution for increasing square footage, they also present a potentially hazardous situation when it comes to the loading and unloading of materials at the edge of the mezzanine.

Fall handrails and gates are required around the edges of the mezzanine. These gates need to be open during the loading and unloading process creating the potential for a serious or even fatal injury in the event of an accidental fall.

To help address this potentially fatal situation, Rite-Hite Barrier Systems introduces the Gatekeeper Mezzanine Safety Gate. The reciprocating barrier design creates a controlled access area. It allows workers to safely load and unload from the edge of a mezzanine platform.

Here’s how it works.

After a pallet is loaded onto the mezzanine a worker on top of the mezzanine will open the GateKeeper and remove the material from the work zone. During this time the gate is securely in position on the outside edge of the mezzanine. After loading or unloading is complete the gate is closed to allow the forklift to remove any items in the work zone. Some additional features include the safety latch which presents a worker from raising the gate from inside the works zone.

The exclusive link bar design insures that both gates always work in unison without relying on chains or cables that are used on other mezzanine gates

The unique toe board design prevents material from accidentally being pushed off the top of the mezzanine down to a lower level . Guarded track and three inch nylon rollers with sealed precision bearings provide for smooth and maintenance free activation.

In addition the GateKeeper meets ANSI standard MH 28.3 2009 stating that gates that swing open slide open or lift out leaving an unprotected opening in the guarding are not acceptable.
Available in multiple sizes the GateKeeper is designed to create a safe working environment on your mezzanine. In addition an optional powered unit allows for easier operation of larger units.

The Gatekeeper Mezzanine Safety Gate. Another safety solution from Rite-Hite Barrier Systems.


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