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01 JUL

What Makes Fabric Curtain Walls Simple?

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Any project that involves installing walls is not one that you would probably classify as simple. In fact, most of the words you would associate with wall building projects tend to be negative like expensive, time-consuming, or a “better project for next year.” So how can I justify using the word “simple” when it comes to fabric curtain walls? Well, it’s simple. Let me explain.

Turn-key Support

Isn’t it great when you are trying to solve a tough problem to have someone come along, an expert, who is able to work through it with you and help you solve it? Essentially, taking something challenging and making it simple.

The thing that makes fabric curtain walls simple is the turn-key support we provide. Let me detail what this means:

  1. On-site needs analysis: Once you contact us, a Dimension / Zoneworks representative will visit your facility, complete a site survey, and make a product recommendation for your application.
  2. Application-specific engineering: Our engineers take the information from your site survey and custom-design a solution for your specific application and provide you with all the drawings.
  3. Installation support: Fabric curtain walls install quickly and easily so it is possible for you to install them yourself with in-house personnel. If you go that route, we will have a pre-installation meeting with you to go over the process and answer any questions. Otherwise, Dimension / Zoneworks would be happy to handle the installation.
  4. On-going customer service: During the project and afterward, we will make sure our product meets your needs because your success is our success.

Ultimately, understanding what makes fabric curtain walls simple gives you the opportunity to make what could be a complex project into something easy and manageable for you and your people along the way. And, as the expert leaders in the industry, you can rest assured that you’re in really good hands.


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