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Dock shelters


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Dimension Engineering dock shelter solutions.

A Dimension Engineering dock shelter is the solution for improved energy-savings and working conditions. The shelter seals off a docking vehicle, providing protection from the weather during the loading and unloading process, therefore improved working conditions and reduced draught inlet can be expected.


Eliminator™-GapMaster™ II Dock Shelter

Industry’s only full access dock shelter that also provides high sealing efficiency. The exclusive Eliminator-GapMaster II Dock Shelter can save hundreds of dollars per year per dock position by preventing energy loss through exposed trailer door hinge gaps. The freshly redesigned Eliminator-GapMaster II also employs new technology to provide greater sealing efficiency, durability & long-term performance. It can also be retrofitted to your existing Dimension Engineering Dock Shelter.



Eliminator II™ Dock Shelter

The fully impactable Eliminator II Dock Shelter is loaded with advantages that make it the industry’s most popular soft-sided dock shelter. Freshly redesigned to deliver greater value than ever before, the Eliminator II offers full-access sealing plus the ultimate in long-term durability.



ComboShelter II™ Dock Shelter

The freshly redesigned ComboShelter II impactable dock shelter offers the ultimate solution to the unique challenges associated with sealing a variety of trailer traffic that includes trailers with liftgates and other rear extensions. The ComboShelter is industry’s only shelter that is specially engineered to provide not only the proper sizing to effectively seal a range of trailers, but also the rugged side frame construction and head curtain and side curtain reinforcing required to ensure the unit holds up under the extreme wear and tear that these situations create.



Survivor™ Dock Shelter

The flexible door solution

The impactable Survivor Dock Shelter can help you prevent the steep repair and replacement costs associated with ordinary, rigid-frame dock shelters. Thanks to rugged Neotec™ HMWPE side frame technology, Survivor shelters can withstand hits from off-center trailers without suffering permanent damage the way traditional shelters made of wood, fiberglass and steel can. The exceptional combination of flexible and highly durable material withstands not only trailer contact but also some environmental challenges: The side frame outer fabric layer will not discolor in sunlight and the V-Flow™ fabric header allows water to flow off the sides of the unit.



Uni-Dox™ Inflatable Dock Shelter

A wide range of different types and appearances Dimension Engineering steel sliding doors can be supplied single and double-skinned in an overall width up to 8000 mm, with solid sheet steel infill panels or with areas of glazing.

For double-skinned doors five different glazing shapes are available: rectangular, square, circular, triangular or rhomboid.

Single-skinned sliding doors are offered with sheet steel infills in a ribbed, smooth or raised panel design or, for example, fitted with ventilation louvers. Site-fitted timber boarding is also possible. Extremely practical is an integral wicket door or a matching side door to provide a separate access for pedestrian traffic.



WG-410 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

Economical, sturdy and reliable

Thanks to their ingeniously simple construction, with just a few components, Dimension Engineering rolling shutters and rolling grilles are especially economical. Available in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, they are doors that will prove themselves in daily use again and again.

Rolling shutters and rolling grilles require hardly any space above the opening as they form a compact coil behind the lintel. Therefore, no valuable hall space is lost at the sides or ceiling.

The high level of quality in Dimension Engineering rolling shutter and rolling grille construction goes far beyond the usual standard. Furthermore, for our committed and experienced team, the implementation of special solutions is all in a day’s work.



Rail-Dox™ Rail Shelter

Door solutions for any requirement

FPU and FMI double-skinned folding doors filled with PUR rigid foam or mineral wool are ideal for use in workshops and halls that are heated or require acoustic insulation.The FSN door version with numerous infill variations and extensive glazing options are particularly suited for unheated buildings. They can also be combined with matching FAW aluminium doors. Featuring profiles with thermal breaks and exceptional thermal insulation values, they are a good choice for e.g. showrooms. Every door can be equipped with individual glazing and infill options. Our extensive folding door programme is rounded out with wicket doors with and without thresholds and divided traffic leaves.



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