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Eliminator II™ Dock Shelter

Dimension’s Eliminator II Dock Shelter.

The fully impactable Eliminator II Dock Shelter is loaded with advantages that make it the industry’s most popular soft-sided dock shelter. Freshly redesigned to deliver greater value than ever before, the Eliminator II offers full-access sealing plus the ultimate in long-term durability.
Features include:

  • Fully impactable side frames protect unit from damage from backing trailers.
  • Seals around perimeter of trailer allowing full, unobstructed access to trailer loads.
  • Adjustable C-style head curtain can be raised to accommodate taller trailers.
  • HMWPE-wrapped foam side frames provide vertical stability and horizontal flexibility at extended projections to ensure maximum sealing effectiveness and longest product life.
  • Slim profile (6″ std) side frames create narrow footprint. Product fits tight spaces; can eliminate costly repositioning of lights, conduit, etc.
  • Detachable side curtains allow easy removal and reattachment for ventilation or to replace or exchange curtains when needed.


  • Fabric canopy header is independent of side frames, preventing damage to side frames and sagging of header under snow loads.
  • Integral, fabric-wrapped rain gutter diverts water off sides of shelter.
  • Header pivots to avoid damage if trailers back in off-center or higher than expected.
  • Available with high-strength Durathon™ – industry’s only friction-resistant, high-wear fabric for added life.
  • Available with Firefighter™ heat dissipating protection in head curtain to prevent burning from heat of trailer marker lights.
  • Available with integral GapMaster™ hooks to seal trailer door hinge gaps, prevent energy loss and save hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.
  • Available in ComboShelter™ design with special features to address unique challenges at docks serving liftgate and other trailers.
  • 36-month money-back satisfaction guarantee when ordered with premium Frommelt® fabrics.


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