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Wicket door (trip free)

Better safe than sorry: the innovative wicket door with trip-free threshold

For pedestrian traffic without opening the industrial door, wicket doors are a practical solution. The Dimension wicket door with a trip-free threshold has a stainless steel threshold rail 10 mm high in the centre and and 5 mm at the edges (for doors above 5510 m in width, the threshold rail is approx. 13 mm high) decreases the risk of tripping and make it easy to drive wheels over it.

In operator-driven doors, the leading photocell VL 2 with two sensors ensures non-contact reversing in case of obstructions. The wicket door contact guarantees that the industrial door opens only when the wicket door is closed.

Despite its flat design, the adjustable threshold profile with flexible seal compensates slight unevenness in the floor and optimally seals the bottom edge of the door (see image above right).

Under specific prerequisites, Dimension wicket doors with trip-free threshold up to a width of 5500 mm can also fulfil the requirements for use as an escape door.

In order to preserve the flush appearance in buildings with previously installed doors, we continue to offer the wicket door with threshold rail.


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