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Lift Modernisation

Service, Repair & Refurbishment

Dimension Elevator Ltd. provide a comprehensive Lift Upgrade and Lift Modernisation service for all types & makes of lifts.

A quality vertical transportation system with improved ride and speed performance is a prerequisite for any building owner/tenant. Sometimes when a building is being redeveloped or due to their age and drop in reliability the spotlight will fall on the passenger elevators. However, depending on the age and design of the lift/s a complete replacement may not be necessary to bring the lift upto modern standards. In fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to the design or layout of the building & or lift/s. Instead, you can have the option to modernise the lift whereby obsolete components are replaced by their modern equivalent.

Dimension Elevator Ltd. can provide this service. Aside from replacing new components, factors such as, keeping elevator service to the offices where there is more than one lift whilst totally modernising & refurbishing the lifts, machinery & components are vital. To achieve this, we liaise with the client & coordinate all activities.

Quality lift engineering & precision fitting is key in achieving a rejuvenated lift system that will give a reliable and long-lasting performance. Therefore the benefits of using a systematic approach to elevator modernisation, with all concerned, will ensure the procedure will run smoothly without any major problems occurring.

Lift Upgrade

An upgrade is a means of improving the visual appearance of the lift and would focus on items such as signalisation equipment, car interiors, car lighting, car flooring etc. Additional works might include fitting of multibeam light curtains to protect the users, autodialler equipment which is linked to a manned station providing 24 hour assistance in case of entrapments, etc.

Lift Modernisation

A lift modernisation would normally be a larger job than a lift refurbishment, & could include the following;

  • Modifying your lift to comply with current standards/legislation, such as ‘Health & Safety Legislation; The Lifts Regulations (1997); BS7255 Safe Working on Lifts; EN81-80’.
  • Replacement of the lift car & landing doors/entrances.
  • Enhancements/Replacements to control/drive systems to improve; Performance, Reliability, Ride quality, Energy Costs, etc.



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