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Modernising Dock Leveller Systems

Safer, easier docking operations

A variety of Dimension Engineering products are available as upgrades which could make your docking operations easier, safer and reduce wear and tear to equipment.

Traffic lights keep both the door operator and vehicle driver informed throughout the docking process, whilst wheel guides and truck positioning sensors assist the driver. Dock lights and reflection guides are other simple options which, once installed, will make docking far easier.


To fully absorb the energy of a docking vehicle, the loading bay’s rubber buffers must be correctly specified. Damaging a loading bay or building often leads to expensive repairs, but these unnecessary costs can be reduced or avoided altogether, by choosing the right buffers. Our expert team can assess your personal requirements, but experience shows that it is better to over-specify the buffer capacity than to under-specify!

During loading and unloading, a vehicle is constantly moving vertically and this unavoidable movement damages fixed rubber buffers, which are subjected to the full force of the movement, and will wear accordingly. A moving buffer, however, will follow the vertical movements, providing marked reductions in unnecessary wear and tear.


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