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Modernising Industrial Doors

Are yesterday’s doors fit for today’s challenges?

Simple upgrades make a world of difference and modernising your doors and control systems can give you an operational advantage, cut costs and have a profound effect on the perception of your company.

Automated Door Controls

Upgrades that work

Ensuring that your doors are closed when not in use prevents unnecessary energy loss, maintains your temperature and improves security.


Door Operators

Automated entrances for longer, more productive lifespan

Dimension Door operators consist of two highly functional products: Dimension Door Motor and Operator Panel. Automating a door can have many benefits and a business can expect to see product lifetime, business image and energy efficiency improve.


The Pass Door

Integrating industrial and pedestrian access

Having to fully open a large industrial door just to let people through? The highly effective Dimension pass door, is the perfect option for those needing to integrate industrial and pedestrian access.


New Door Blades

Improve the perception of you business

Old doors on industrial buildings often show signs of fatigue, but simply by changing door sections you can rejuvenate your customer facing image and benefit from improved energy efficiency.



You can rely on our local presence and global expertise to move your business forward.

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