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Door Blades

New Door Blades

Improve the perception of you business

Old doors on industrial buildings often show signs of fatigue, but simply by changing door sections you can rejuvenate your customer facing image and benefit from improved energy efficiency.

As with all doors, wear and tear is to be expected. They are, after all, working parts of your operation and as such dents and scratches are common additions with the passage of time, as are faded and discoloured panels and seals. After 20 years or so, the exterior facade of a building could be far gloomier than the crisp, forward thinking, modern organisation you’ve built and want the world to see.

Now, old or damaged doors do not always need to be replaced

Sectional Doors

New door sections come with rollers, cables, hinges and sectional rubber seals included, all of which will be brand new and in prime working condition. Alongside the more obvious benefits relating to the freshness of appearance, the door itself will be more energy efficient and will help with cost savings.

Our field service technicians can refresh more than just Dimension doors too, as our door section program covers the majority of doors manufactured by other suppliers.

Fabric Doors

Crash-resistant high speed doors have a tough workload and, where forklifts are in operation, collision related wear and tear is commonplace. With the passage of time doors begin to show signs of use, so upgrading is inevitable eventually. Dimension fabric blades are available in a variety of colours to fit business branding and even have windows as options, so you can encourage safer passage, improve image and make your interior openings more energy efficient.


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